Monday, 28 January 2013



Ok, so January 2013 is almost over. 

I have to admit that I’m not so far along with my plan as I’d like (The vague life plan I keep setting and resetting myself) and that’s kind of freaking me out.

I guess this would be a good time to mention my plan.
Actually before that I should probably apologise for my spelling. My Dyslexia is really bad and this makes the idea of righting anything and then letting other people see it as daunting as trying to teach a Ferret to fly a Herring! 

It’s a pretty vague thing, the plan I have, but it usually consists of what I want to achieve in my life… focusing mainly no the year that is ahead of me (and it usually involves more than I can handle).
For example:
*One year I was going to right a children’s book.  Which I accomplished and began to illustrate, then I got bored and never finished!
*Another year I decided that I was going to take a 6 month sabatiacl, go fossil hunting, spend some time in a yurt and take pictures of wildlife to turn them into greetings cards and prints to sell.
 I quickly got board of fossil hunting (its odd how many German’s come to England to do just that. I ran into a quite a few of them) and found out that staying in a yert, that was also affordable, was harder than it looked unless of cause you had booked to stay in one 3 weeks before you even realised what a yurt was.

However I did get some of my nature pictures printed as cards and photographs which I must say made me feel really happy. Not only because it took me ages to find a good and affordable place to get them printed (due I’m sure to my Dyslexia and not due to good businesses being hidden behind bigger companies who have more savvy ways to advertise. Perish the thought) but also because I did a few country shows and craft fairs and actually sold enough to cover my costs! I also set up an Etsy account to sell from. Here’s the link

I also had some other things to atchieve on my list/plan to get done but they are on my old list which is now in the bin. Anything that didn’t get done from that list though has gone on my new one.

In brief therefore I am going to make a new - The List - and keep it as a Blog in the hopes that this may actually help me stick to getting things done. Fingers crossed,

The list will in fact be two lists and one plan.

*List one will be work I need to start, continue with and/or finish.

*List two will be things I have decided I want to find out if I can do/ how to do/ what is needed to do that etc. you know the kind of thing. Everyone gets the passing though where you suddenly think
I wonder if I could learn to play the violin … ride a horse … start a gallery… set up a craft fair… fly a helicopter … be an MP… bake a cake… splice a balloon with an elephant, a giraffe and some Wensleydale cheese and try to take over the world. I actually want to try some of these things, although maybe not necessarily those things… MP’s probably have to make sure that everything they say can be left open to interpretation unless there is some kind of entity or organisation not attached to them that they can assign all of or at least a portion of blame to when something goes wrong.

So anyway. I guess I should check through my lists and make sure they are all in order so as I can put them up.
Hmm, should I put up my plan too? That I guess may need more work so perhaps I’ll save that for a later.

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