Monday, 3 June 2013

wildlife trust - volenteering

I'm off on this sunny Monday from work and to Hardwick Dene (cornforth close. T19 8PZ) to do some voluntary work for the Wildlife Trust.

I'm expecting to be digging around paths and clearing overgrown areas. You know that sort of thing.
On a day like this I'd usually be out with my camera but I'm looking forward to doing something more group orientated today as walking out with your camera taking pictures can be fun but is also not very social.
Then again this may not be ether  :) .
I've come back from my day volunteering. from 10:15am til 3:00pm.
We were digging a path and then putting down slag (tiny bits of what is a little like stones)
It's amazing how long it takes to do what looks like a small amount of path.

There were only three of us though.

I'm looking forward to doing this again.



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