Friday, 5 July 2013

Promoting a children's book

I have been talking to a local cafe owner and we have put our heads together to drum up business for us both.
I'm going to have a book launch at her cafe!

What a great idea. Helping out a local business and getting help in return :) .

The problem is though, finding somewhere to print out cheep promotional stuff such as fryers and posters etc.

I've used for cards and I did not like the quality of their finished product and vista print charge a fortune for delivery if you want your stuff quickly.
I'm looking at instant print at the moment and they seem ok so far and appear reasonable.

I'm thinking of having the book launch on the 27th of July so I need quick delivery.

Links to cafe, Etsy and kindle amazon. This is where my book is being sold...  and Guisborough bookshop

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