Tuesday, 2 April 2013


I completed something off my list of things to try (The list *list2* I forgot to put up on my blog… oops).
This first one was have a go on a Segway!
I did it and it was Awesome!

You may have herd that they are almost impossible to fall off…. That’s not true or at least not true for the off road ones. You can get them moving pretty quick and on rough terrain you can get your feet jumping round which upsets (as I understood it) the gyroscope wizard that live in it. The thing then goes all funny and tries to twist your leg off!
Loads of fun.

The only thing I didn’t expect was how much pressure it puts on your thighs. But its like skiing apparently so if you do that then it probably isn’t going to bother you.

 I wish I'd taken my video camera because when you fall off... It's amazing!
you've been fraimed should be filled with clips of Segway falls.

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