Friday, 19 April 2013


It's been approx 3 weeks since the final snow fell in my part of the northeast of England and the Pool Frogs have been busy laying and the Toads have just started mating.

I've been worried over the last few years with the snows coming later in the year and  lasting longer into the next. Suddenly and with little warming.
I remember being told that Newts start spawning earliest out of the Amphibians in our country ( though I'm not sure this is true) so it's them that I worry about the most.

It is nice though, to be able to walk around a pond and hear frogs and toads croaking.

As I walk around Pool Hospital, as it used to be known, on the boarder of North Yorkshire I think how nice it is to live so close to such an abundance of wildlife.

As well as the frogs and toads I can also see sticklebacks skimming through the water and Canadian Geese trying paddling passed on the surface of this calm body of water.
Somewhere close I can hear a bird making a sound so close to the word tweet it makes me smile.
There are Blue tits and Sparrows, Tree creepers. I can even hear a woodpecker off in the distance somewhere.

Throw in the sun reaching through the trees and you have the makings of a lovely day with the promise of a fantastic spring to come... I hope.

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