Friday, 1 March 2013

Children's book Illustrations p2

As mentioned in a previous post, a while ago I wrote a children's book.

After a lot of sketching, re thinking and then some slightly more angry sketching, binning of sketches etc, I finally came up with some pictures I felt reflected the story (I put the sketches up in a previous post) and now I am but a few images away from a completed set of Illustrations!

Let me sum up the story first before you see the ones done so far.

Four friends are out in the woods having fun.... By the way they are also approximately 4 inches tall.
Suddenly one of them has something precious stolen by a Magpie.
One of the four goes off in search of the item.
Along the way he meets a Badges who gives him directions, gets chased by a Stoat, flies across the forest, get mauled by the Magpie whilst getting the missing item, meets up and gets a lift from the Badger (on his back... he doesn't have a car or anything. That would just be silly :D ) and leaves what was stolen at his friends house.

I'm hoping this is conveyed in the images so far.
Here they are


The book is now finished

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