Friday, 1 March 2013


Hello, My name is Matthew.
I'm Dyslexic.

It's stopped me from doing things and though I did not do too well at school I did go on to do and complete 3 different further education causes (GNVQ, HND and access to a degree) plus a few things like basic IT and plastering :)  .

((((((by the way, I'm not spell checking this just so you can see what my spelling be like))))))
(If you think you might be Dyslexic here's some links)
( British Dyslexia association =   )

It's probably not too much of a supprise then that I love Drawing, Painting and Photography. Please feel free to look at some of my previus post for things I've dun... er I meant  -done- .

The thing is, I also love reading! It annoyes me that some people can read so well yet waste that tallent.
I've got through about 6 Frank Herbert books and 1 Arther C Clark but it takes so long and its such a struggle. Thats why I get audiobooks now (used to be I'd get them from the library but they have not got a good selection so I get everything from audible now... maily in there sales).

The thing is I'd love ot write books. 

I therefoer started on a few children's books. I meen why not, I can get ti spell checked adn do my own Illustrations!
Plus I'm up for a challenge.

Quite frankly, the chances of my getting a decent paying job with my reading, righting spelling and math skills is proposterus.
I may as well work for my self.

Here are some links to my work
Amazon Kindle Digital Copy of my book

If you are Dyslexic, don't let it or anyone else get you down. Things may be a struggle but everything in life worth doing or having takes effort and work.

Think about the amount of famus people who have Dyslexia... Richard Branson... Eddie Izzard... Orlando Bloom... Mackenzie Thorpe.
There's a heck of a lot of us out there.

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