Thursday, 23 May 2013

children's book illustrations

My mother has asked me to do some illustrations for her. She has wrote a short book for young children called WALKING WITH MIXIMALS.

It's a short rime on each page with corresponding pictures and is 6 pages long.

She actually started righting the story after looking at some of my mixed animal pictures.

"I went for a walk one day. Guess what I saw along the way?"

This is on of the pictures. A tiger rabbit .... or tibet as I think we called it.

There is another stary she's righting about the Miximals aimed at older children. I'll have to see how that ones coming too.

I actually have some of these on cards. I need to put them up on my Etsy account to sell.

A book I have written and illustrated has just gone up for Kindle no Amazon. 
This is the link

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