Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Publishing a children's book

(Image from children's book Denall's Adventure)

I have recently finished writing and illustrating my own children’s book.
I had no idea how much work was involved in such a venture.

Getting down a premise, developing a story, checking and rechecking and editing.
Then working out what the characters are going to look like and what the place is like around the character. Then keeping continuity in the pictures.

Now that is all over I need a publisher.
… Actually I thought I’d self-Publish and see how that goes.

In the end it came down to choosing between two options. Self-Publish with someone local or choose somewhere on line.

I decided to go with a local printer but also after I’ve done that I’ll go and put the book out on the Kindle! Why not.  Might as well since amazon have a self-publishing section.

As a Dyslexic I find it hard to find the info I need on the internet but after reading threw amazon’s information, it seems pretty good.

As for the local side of things I Emailed Quoin publishing as it is a place in the Teesside area.
The quote I was given was:            
£50 for set-up on my pictures and a choice of matt or silk for the finish on the inner pages.
The children’s book is 28 pages long and A5 size. This therefor comes to £1.44 per print with 5% off if 250 are ordered and 10% off with 500.

Quoin publishing also do a proof reading servies which, with the small size of my book would cast £53.

I think I’ll get a small amount done first and then look at the amazon publishing.

Amazon self-publishing link:

(Concept art for book)

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