Thursday, 30 May 2013


 I'm enjoying looking through me old phone's pictures at the moment. I just dumped them all on my hard drive and left them there.
I found two pair of plimsolls I painted for a girl who was leaving work one year and the pictures of them were there.

It also looks like they got filled with sweets to and why the heck not.

The Designs are quite simple but I think good because of that. You can overdo painting your shoes right? Is that a thing!?! what ever ye.
  I used Acrylic paint and that's usually hard enough to get off clothes when it drys so apart from some slight cracking they should be fine.

Interesting. The red pair appear to have the outline of a turtle with a mounted tank turret on one and a squatting dragon on the other.
Don't remember doing that!

I should do more of these and sell them on my Etsy site!

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