Tuesday, 28 May 2013

clay pigeon shooting

I was on a stag do at the weekend. Now you have to do some kind of activity right?

I mean yes, sure, you can go away somewhere and get so drunk that someone is sick on some strangers head and another one in your group buys a dog off a Gypsy while someone else punches the prostitute someone payed to eat a wild rodent just as THAT MATE (and apparently most people have at least one) takes a nice long relaxing poo through a hairstylists letterbox and you wrestle the two lasses from Salford and their camp Chinese friend for supremacy over a toy monkey.
But why not do something you haven't done before!

This year I'm trying to do a few of the things that you may think of trying but often don't get round to.
That's why I was happy to be going to the Manchester clay pigeon shooting club on this stag do.

I've done Air Soft and paintball and fired I've BB's but I've never actually fired a gun.
I remember one of my friends coming back from America and showing me the movie of him shooting a Desert Eagle and a P90. That looked fun!

I highly recommend giving clay pigeon shooting a go.

Due to the time we arrived, which was late,  we had a quick safety briefing, got kitted up with safety gear and headed out.
There were 4 places we got to fire. One where the clays came toward you which was easy, one where they came in from the right which was hard if you are left handed because you can't see it coming, one that had them flying straight up and one more where they were heading away from you and that one was the best.

As we only got 6 goes at each place (because we were late) the highest score you could get was 24.
I think my score was 15. Going    6    1    2    6 .

Oh and the gun guy we had was really winding up one of our group. I mean he was being harsh with everyone but one lad wasn't taking it too well.

Is he being too harsh?

At one point he said something like ~ my American friends would say your as nervous as a virgin at a prison rodeo ~ you just can't buy class like that.

*    *      here's a link to the one we went to in Manchester      *    *

by the way. That stuff about the stag do things when drunk. As far as I'm awair, only the monkey thing has ever actually happened.

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