Saturday, 16 February 2013

Children's book Illustrations p1

I've just been looking through the sketches I did for the Illustrations to my children's book.
They were rough and not great. 
The thing is there is one missing. That’s not strictly true. It appears there are a few missing. What I mean is that there is an important one missing and I have not done a finished picture of it. Let me try to explain. 
I started to write a story about a small person who goes off to get something back for a friend after a Magpie based robbery. But the story was born from a solitary picture I drew and which I've just noticed does not appear in ether my sketches or the finished pictures I've completed so far.
Now I'm wondering, does the original image matter?

It was of a small person sitting cross legged under a leaf, sheltering from the rain.
I even did another version for a friend of the family of the original image.

 left. original.

right. virsion for friend of family.



The book is now done. You can find it through these links
hard copy



These are the sketches for the page ideas I've been looking through

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