Monday, 4 February 2013

Re-shoot part2

This re shoot has gone better that I thought possible! 

Due to my natural dislike of using flash however I have to admit that I did make things a little hard on myself, spending my time chasing the light. 

And yes due to the constant fast moving cloud cover today I admit to using some new (at least to me) and inventive swear words being uttered.
Thankfully I did bracket exposers which seems to have paid off.

I even got carried away and took some pictures of some of the work I want to finish this year from List 1.

 Cliff over (bottom left) hang and Forest bridge (top right) mentioned in List 1

 Now I need to do is swap the Re-done pictures no Etsy with the old ones...

I'd say thats a marked improvment.

 All in all This seems to have been a sucsess

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