Monday, 4 February 2013


Ok, so I added some new things to sell on Etsy and a friend of the family has pointed out that the pictures of the items are… well… rubbish.

I have therefore decided to do some studio shots.
The problem is I don’t have a studio.  What I do have though is a small amount of space, some spare mount board and some pillows!

With any luck and a lot of inventive work and perhaps some foil (to make my self a hat, as this feels less like genius and more like madness) this may just yield usable results. 
Well, can’t be worse than the last ones which I did when I was shattered and I obviously wasn’t in the right frame of mind for photographing things. Heck, primates who have had their limbs swapped with brush handles could have done a better job.

 This is my makeshift studio

 I may need more luck.

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