Friday, 8 February 2013

studio Ghibli

As mentioned in my post about List 1, my list of things to finish in a listy type way, I decided I also wanted to get some fan art done as well as my own work this year.

Therefore I have gone for a studio Ghibli favourite of mine. Nausicaa of the valley of the wind. 
Not only to draw and then paint in water colour but also to film me doing the painting part.

So in my usual tradition of not having the equipment I need... in this case not having a video camera, I used my phone!
Due to this some of what I filmed is missing because my phone has the phone battery life equivalent of a mayfly born in a fishes mouth inside the business end of a wood chipper... not very long.
Isn’t tec great.

But still, despite that I'm going to hopefully get it on YouTube and get it linked to my next post. 
Until then. Here is the image when it was just in pencil before recording and then as a finished watercolour.

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