Monday, 18 February 2013

Sleep deprivation

Does sleep, or more a lack of it, affect the way you think?

Right now all I can think of is what kind or junk food can I eat, do I have any Twix’s I can bite the ends of so as I can suck my coffee up through it… how much pro plus tablets can be inserted under a person’s eyelids before it impedes blinking… can energy drinks be soaked up through the skin in some sort of foot bath based scenario because I’m knackered!!

*The only safe option in the above I think is the Twix thing.*

Not getting enough sleep makes you make bad decisions, I’m sure of it.
Right now I’m wondering what a takeaway cheese burger with a mars bar in it would taste like and that’s just not right!

So what’s the solution?
Caffeine can make you jumpy and eating pure sugar or chocolate snacks is just a quick fix.
Power naps maybe! Curling up in the boot of your car or someone else’s. As long as it’s a friend’s car boot, I’d hate to think someone could be so tired that they’d try to get themselves kidnapped for a quick kip, and hope that sustains you for the day.
Then again power naps leave some people feeling even worse!

Before you know what you’re doing your putting your shoes in the fridge and 
chucking out all your spoons.
As for me, I just go with it. 
Sleep deprivation may alter your way of thinking or it might not
(I know it makes my Dyslexia worse) 
but heck, what harm can it do…


(Wish my someone hadn’t left that Lego here)

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