Monday, 11 February 2013

exotic meat

A friend of mine has pointed out this website.
I might just have to try some of that!

Could you eat a Llama?
I might.

I've been thinking about the animals I've eaten.
I've not tried snail but I have tried winkle! and isn't that just the sea version?  NO!! I need to at least try eating a snail.
In fact I've pretty much left the entire insect world alone.... might have to rectify that!    = )

I ate a plate of frogs legs in France. Believe it or not they were quite nice. like rubbery chicken.
you know what else has that sort of consistency? Alligator! They must shared a common and tasty ancestor with a certain widely eaten bird.

In york I tried Boar and that wasn't that good. Tough is what I mainly remember or it but maybe that was just due to the where I tried it.

 pheasant was something I looked forward to for a long time but when I finally tried it I found it too dry and the taste was, well, like Game... And not as good as rabbit!

Never the less, I must eat more animals 

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